The year of LESS

I’ve decided that my personal theme for the year ahead is LESS.

Recently, I read an article suggesting that, rather than setting New Year’s resolutions, it’s better to adopt a theme that will guide your decisions through 2016. I really liked the sound of that. So I’ve decided that my personal theme for the year ahead is LESS. Buy less, eat less, drink less, keep less, stress less…I’m constantly thinking of areas in my life where LESS is a desirable thing.NO CLUTTER

Today, on the first day of the brand-new year, I decided one of the best ways to embark on my year of LESS is to edit my belongings. First up – makeup and toiletries (chosen because of an upcoming bathroom remodel).

Thirty minutes into the project, I experienced a grim realization: I am one life crisis away from becoming a hoarder. Most people wouldn’t suspect when they visit my relatively orderly house that, tucked away in cabinets and hidden in drawers, is chaos decades in the making. The bathroom vanity is a perfect example. I don’t know why it’s so difficult for me to throw away old cosmetics and hair accessories…like the tube of expensive lipstick in Summer 2012’s trendy shade of Coral. Or the giant bottle of sunscreen I bought in 2010. Or the tweezers that don’t work well. Or the electric rollers I don’t use. Or the miniature versions of cosmetics in odd colors that come free with purchases (I am a sucker for miniatures!).

I am a sucker for miniatures!

As I reached into the dark recesses of my make-up drawer, I extricated dusty make-up brushes that I haven’t seen in years, and decided all of my brushes need cleaning. All 34 of them. For frame of reference, Kim Kardashian uses 10 brushes in her makeup routine. As I washed my brushes, I considered each one on its merits – and sorted them into Keep, Toss and Give piles.

I’m happy to report that my reconfigured brush collection has 16 brushes, I’ll be throwing away 2 brushes and donating 16 brushes on my next trip to Goodwill. (I’ll just have to make peace with the fact that I need more makeup brushes than Kim Kardashian!)

KK achieves this look with 10 brushes

This was a good rehearsal – for me, the real challenges await in the kitchen!

Have you decided on a resolution or theme for 2016?