The Best Hot Chicken Festival In Nashville

Take heart, hot chicken fans – there is an alternative to the July 4 Nashville Hot Chicken Festival that is WAY MORE FUN

You may have checked out my previous article where I opined that the Nashville Hot Chicken Festival held each July 4 weekend in East Nashville is a colossal waste of time.

Take heart, hot chicken fans – there is an alternative event that is WAY MORE FUN – and as an added bonus, it’s a fundraiser for the Predators Foundation.

I’m referring to Hot Shots! Hot Chicken, Whiskey and Bourbon Festival scheduled for Friday evening, October 21 at Bridgestone Arena. When I tell you that, for $70 a ticket, you get unlimited samples from the most popular Nashville Hot Chicken joints in town, and unlimited tastings (well, limited only by your sense of propriety) from regional and national distilleries – well, I really shouldn’t have to tell you anything else. But I will! Because your ticket also gets you into the exclusive Viewing Party as the Nashville Predators play the Detroit Red Wings that evening. And, if all that wasn’t enough, your ticket also gets you to pick a future Preds game to attend at Bridgestone Arena. BOOM!

If you are into Nashville Hot Chicken and Predators hockey, but want to attend this with your kids or just don’t want alcohol, you should know that there is an option for that, and it’s just $50. (These prices are “early bird” rates that just last through tomorrow – not sure how much they’ll go up after that, but I would seriously consider attending this event even if you have to pay more.)

Last year’s inaugural Hot Shots! Hot Chicken, Whiskey and Bourbon Festival was held the afternoon of August 1. Moving the event to an evening in October means that attendees will also get to participate in a watch party as the Predators take on the Red Wings in Detroit.

Planning for Fun in Centerville

What I really wanted to tell you about is the upcoming National Banana Pudding Festival, held the first week of October in Centerville, TN.

Sometimes, planning and preparing for an event is as much fun as the event itself. Continue reading “Planning for Fun in Centerville”

End of Summer Fun in Franklin

Now I look up and realize that summer is coming to an end, so I’ve got a really promising end-of-summer event to suggest

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A Visit to Cheekwood is Good to the Last Drop

Like Nashville, Cheekwood really shines in the summertime.

When Mr. Leslie Cheek’s family coffee business (known as Maxwell House because it was served at that historic downtown hotel) was sold to Postum/General Foods, he invested his share of the proceeds in a lovely 100-acre tract of land, and hired a renowned architect to design a country house and gardens. Continue reading “A Visit to Cheekwood is Good to the Last Drop”

No Foolin’ – a Fun Way to Support the Ronald McDonald House

This fun event features food from some of Nashville’s eateries, live jazz performed by Nashville’s talented Denny Jiosa, an outstanding selection of silent auction items, and a selection of wine, beer and spirits tastings skillfully curated by Ed Fryer of Village Wines & Spirits in Hillsboro Village.

Some of the very best happenings in Nashville are those that benefit schools, philanthropic organizations or charities. One of my personal favorite happenings is scheduled for this Friday, April 1. Continue reading “No Foolin’ – a Fun Way to Support the Ronald McDonald House”

Get Greek! in Nashville

Enjoy the livelier aspects of Greek culture starting Friday at the annual Nashville Greek Festival.

“There are two kinds of people – Greeks, and everyone else who wish they was Greek.” – Gus Portokalus in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

Although Nashville isn’t known for having ethnic “cities within a city,” there are pockets of international culture within our town that occasionally bubble up as festivals for all to enjoy. This week, The Athens of the South gets its Greek on. Continue reading “Get Greek! in Nashville”

Let’s Get Ready to Roller!

There is nothing like an evening at the roller derby. Trust me!

I’ve been planning to tell y’all about the Nashville Rollergirls. This morning’s email featured a LivingSocial deal on roller derby tickets that is hard to pass up. If you already subscribe to LivingSocial, you got the email – if not, you should be able to access the deal for the next few days by following this link. LivingSocial Promo  If you miss the deal, don’t worry – even at full price, this is an entertainment bargain, and the 2015 season is just starting.

There is nothing like an evening at the roller derby. Trust me! The sport is not quite as glamorous as it looks in Raquel Welch’s 1972 movie Kansas City Bomber or Drew Barrymore’s 2009 classic Whip It (also starring Ellen Page and Kristen Wiig) but it’s also not quite as violent. And the rules are pretty easy for a casual spectator to understand. But I’m getting ahead of myself – here are some ways to maximize your fun while supporting the Nashville Rollergirls at one of their upcoming matches at Municipal Auditorium.

1.  Pick a roller derby name. There are several online name generators you can use to get started (here’s a link to one) – when I first used one of these I got the classic Peach Clobber which is just perfect for a Southern girl. My girlfriend initially chose White Thrash – but then she got creative and came up with her own – Bitter Honey! Well, that just got the ball rolling – I since have developed my own roller derby spin on a trade name – Lumbar Liquidator. Sounds dangerous, right?

2. Learn the rules. Or don’t. As mentioned above, it’s pretty easy to catch on to what’s supposed to happen, and pretty soon you’ll be able to tell when to cheer. But if you want to read up, you can find the rules here. You should know that the Nashville Rollergirls are part of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), which means that the action happens on a flat, not banked surface. There currently are 301 full member leagues (teams) in the WFTDA, and the Nashville Rollergirls are ranked 31st, which means they are good!

3. Catch the half-time show. Frankly, it’s been a few years since I last attended a Nashville Rollergirls derby (I’m about to remedy that, thanks to LivingSocial), but one of the best parts of the whole evening was the half-time entertainment. A newly-married couple took a spin around the track together (proving that wedding gown trains and roller skates don’t mix well), and a fun-loving group of mostly middle-aged women performed a dance routine to Salt-n-Pepa’s “Push It.” Love!

4. Appreciate your team. These women are athletes, and the souvenirs at the roller derby are great – get a team t-shirt, or a button with a funny slogan and display it proudly! And learn the skaters’ names – you never know when you might end up on a Southwest flight to Chicago and realize you’re sitting across the aisle from Union Jack-U-Up! You shouldn’t miss your opportunity to get a signed barf bag, even if you have to follow her into the ladies room at the Chicago airport! (It was a special moment – not stalker-y at all!)

For those who miss the LivingSocial promotion, tickets are available at the door, and at several retail locations in town. I look forward to seeing you at the roller derby!

Now, doesn’t that Sound Like Fun?