Free January

Here are some free activities in January 2018

As promised, this edition of Sounds Like Fun – Nashville will exclusively mention activities that don’t require a ticket purchase or mandatory fee. (Which isn’t to say that you couldn’t spring for dinner or something while you’re out of the house…!) I’m already a few days behind, so let’s get started…here are some free activities in January 2018. Continue reading “Free January”

Last Minute Dinner Party

I’ve never cooked beef short ribs before, but I have Pinterest and I have a crockpot, and we have plenty of wine.

This morning, after bidding adieu to houseguests and loading the guest room linens into the washing machine, I made a quick trip to the grocery store. It was there, just before 10am, I decided we would have company for dinner. I texted the invitation as I wheeled my cart to the cash register; our guests accepted before I left the parking lot. Continue reading “Last Minute Dinner Party”

Christmas Reflections

Why should I expect Christmastime to be a step up from a life already filled with celebration and wonder?

Sometimes it happens for no good reason. As holiday festivities swing into gear, I find myself more melancholy than merry. Feeling lonely, even when I’m not alone. Going through the motions, in hopes that a spark of cheer will find good kindling and warm my mood. Continue reading “Christmas Reflections”

Fun After Dark (On a School Night!)

I’m set out to show that we can be responsible adults and still go out after dark on weeknights.

A particular event recently caught my eye that had all the qualifiers for a fun evening – except that it was on a Sunday night. Continue reading “Fun After Dark (On a School Night!)”

Get Out! (of the house)

The week ahead may feel abbreviated for some, but a few of us still want ideas on things to do in the Nashville area (even if only to suggest activities to get others out of your home for a few hours)

Thanksgiving is early this year – which means that, for many of us, the next week will include at least one day of meal planning and shopping, and perhaps another day cleaning, preparing, and stocking bedrooms and bathrooms to welcome visitors from out of town. Continue reading “Get Out! (of the house)”

Veterans Day Weekend in the 615

If you’re a veteran (Thank You!), or want to spend this weekend honoring American veterans, here are some options to consider

Although Veterans Day is meant to be an occasion to solemnly reflect on the sacrifices made by those men and women who have served in our nation’s military, it seems to me that this holiday has gotten caught in the rip current of Christmas. Continue reading “Veterans Day Weekend in the 615”