Last Minute Dinner Party

I’ve never cooked beef short ribs before, but I have Pinterest and I have a crockpot, and we have plenty of wine.

This morning, after bidding adieu to houseguests and loading the guest room linens into the washing machine, I made a quick trip to the grocery store. It was there, just before 10am, I decided we would have company for dinner. I texted the invitation as I wheeled my cart to the cash register; our guests accepted before I left the parking lot.

What on earth would prompt me to do such a thing, you may wonder…..well, there are two very good reasons for this decision.

First, my very dear friend and her husband have had a Bad Year. No sooner did they begin grieving the loss of one family member, than another family member fell ill or passed away. It’s been tough, emotionally and financially, since dealing with illness and death also meant frequent travel and related expenses. It’s been difficult to see my friend this year, and I’ve been missing her terribly.  A casual evening together with her and her husband might help end the year on a happier note.

Also, while at the grocery store, I found beef short ribs reduced for quick sale.

There’s no time to stress about hosting guests for dinner, and I like it better that way. I’ve never cooked beef short ribs before, but I have Pinterest and I have a crockpot, and we have plenty of wine. What could go wrong?  (For those who are interested, I ended up reading several recipes but not following any one of them exactly. I seared and seasoned the ribs and put in the crock pot with onion, garlic, thyme and some beef bone broth. Set to cook for 6 hours. About 2 hours before dinner, I’ll add some coarse cut carrots.)

Tonight we’ll slow things down for a while, laugh and reminisce about our long friendship. Tomorrow morning, it’s back to the bustle of holiday events for me, and back to the hustle of holiday retail for her. These are the moments I cherish most!

Merry Christmas too all…

Author: Margaret

Sounds Like Fun - Nashville is a labor of love - my love for Music City, Middle Tennessee, and experiencing the best that our area has to offer. In recent years, I've developed an informal following among my friends and professional colleagues. People ask me what I've got planned for an upcoming weekend – or seek advice about good activities for showing visiting friends or relatives around the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area. Even though there are other sites with event calendars, I think followers of my blog can expect some extra insight into goings-on that would suit ‘most anyone seeking to experience the diversity of fun and interesting things to do around town. I'm always on the look-out for good places to walk my dog. Maggie is a 10-year-old mixed breed shelter dog who still becomes comically ecstatic when she sees me pick up a leash. She's my inspiration to start a page featuring great dog walks around Nashville.

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