Fun After Dark (On a School Night!)

I’m set out to show that we can be responsible adults and still go out after dark on weeknights.

A particular event recently caught my eye that had all the qualifiers for a fun evening – except that it was on a Sunday night. After spending a few moments psyching myself up for a “school night” outing, I started reaching out to friends who I thought would enjoy going to the event with me. No takers. So, it’s not just me…

We live in that part of the country where, after Daylight Savings Time ends, the sun starts fading in mid-afternoon, and it’s fully dark by 5pm. I’m trying to recall when I reached that age when the rule became that going out after dark to enjoy events around town was reserved for weekends – or occasionally attempted on Thursday night, so that Friday’s work could be muddled through on an abbreviated sleep cycle.

I’ve decided that this is an unhealthy approach to life, and I’m set out to show that we can be responsible adults and still go out after dark on a night when we have commitments (work, school, whatever) the next morning. Here’s a list of fun December WEEKNIGHT suggestions in the Nashville area:

Check out a new restaurant – I’m hardly the first to point out that Nashville’s restaurant scene has quickly expanded over the past couple of years. Sure, you might have tried Maneet Chauhan’s flagship Chauhan Ale & Masala House – but have you tried both of the other restaurants she’s opened on her corner building across from 12th & Porter? And you may be a fan of Deb Paquette’s Etch restaurant downtown, but have you dined yet at Etc. in Green Hills? Open up your OpenTable app and find a new place to dine on a weeknight! If you skip the cocktails and wine (because, you know, work tomorrow), you’ll likely notice a significant savings over your usual weekend restaurant tab – bonus!

Go to a game – When I was in my early teens, I used to babysit for my neighbors’ son while they went to Vandy home basketball games. I remember the wife confessing to me once that, while she didn’t really love the basketball games themselves, she did love having a date night with her husband on a regular basis. Why not check out the schedules at a college campus close to you? Or, why not sign up for Golden Ticket alerts (i.e., reduced last-minute tickets) for a weeknight Predators’ home ice hockey game? You can sign up for this service through your Nashville Predators app, or at

Public Ice SkatingTry ice skating – I’ve been reading about public ice skating rinks opening in Murfreesboro and Clarksville – but did you know that the Centennial Sportsplex offers year-round, indoor public ice skating? For the first half of December, evening skating is limited to weekends – but the last two weeks of the month will feature 7pm – 9:30pm skating on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in addition to their weekend schedule. Adult skaters pay $7 (spectators are free); skate rental is $2. Inexperienced skaters are encouraged to consult this little guide to “Public Skating Happiness.

See a movie – Several Academy-Award-potential movies are in theaters in December. Lady Bird and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri are already playing in Regal Cinemas; The Florida Project is on at The Belcourt. I’m also eager to see The Shape of Water, which opens December 8.

Of course there’s music – When it comes to mid-week music, one of my favorite listening rooms is at City Winery. Evening shows typically start at 7pm, and end around 9, which leaves plenty of time to get home before falling asleep to the 10 o’clock news. Their December weeknight offerings are mostly Christmas-oriented, but don’t we need a little Christmas, now?

I encourage you to join me as I STOP living for the weekend and START enjoying weeknights in Music City!

Author: Margaret

Sounds Like Fun - Nashville is a labor of love - my love for Music City, Middle Tennessee, and experiencing the best that our area has to offer. In recent years, I've developed an informal following among my friends and professional colleagues. People ask me what I've got planned for an upcoming weekend – or seek advice about good activities for showing visiting friends or relatives around the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area. Even though there are other sites with event calendars, I think followers of my blog can expect some extra insight into goings-on that would suit ‘most anyone seeking to experience the diversity of fun and interesting things to do around town. I'm always on the look-out for good places to walk my dog. Maggie is a 10-year-old mixed breed shelter dog who still becomes comically ecstatic when she sees me pick up a leash. She's my inspiration to start a page featuring great dog walks around Nashville.

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